Ribbed structures. When working with daylight, I came across the need to get a beam of concentrated light that I could work with. I work with light on an architectural scale, so glass or other lenses are not enough for me. So the intention was: to collect light from a larger area and reflect it to a certain place.

This is like story about how art has turned into design. At the beginning was free-thinking about crystallization and then the form of glass object and it had inspired me to create showcase for jewelry.

Like coin have two sides, so I have too. At one side are “brilliant” glass objects, light objects and designs, but at the other side are art installation. Mostly they are site-specific and working with light. Lately, I am most fascinated by daylight and how it sets in motion and changes shapes of spaces.

Glass design is the field of my study. I work with different materials, but glass fascinates me with its variety. Variety of many approaches and techniques. My specialization is blown glass because I like the process, the dynamic, concentration in real-time. The border between solid and melted glass is really interesting.