Meditation cabin is meant to provide spaces pleasant for meditation. Form of our cabin comes from effort to lead spectator´s sight into nature, as well as eliminating disturbing elements. Functional elements react on climatic conditions of Portugal. Usage of local materials helps the cabin fit into landscapes of Vale de Moses.

This project was developed as a competition proposal in cooperation with Tadeáš Starý.

Circle is contemplative shape that providing calm. The main features of the meditation cabin are based on the observation of the relationship between the circle and nature.

Observation can be a kind of concentration, so we designed the meditation cabin as a small observatory. The cabin has own field of view, which can be pointed on nature.

The shape of the cylinder allows you to be in touch with the surrounding nature and at the same time filter the surroundings of the cabin, which could endanger privacy and calm during meditation.

Repeate traditional methods and use local materials to create self-made original pieces of bricks for minimal price, which would connect meditation cabins with nature and Portugal history.

The facade includes blocks that allow air flow and cooling. Water from roof area is gathered in gutter and lead-in retention tank. Pump draws water at the top of air conditioning bricks. Than water falls. Colling wall, which than cooldown air inside room. After falling at ground water is gathered and reused.

Wardrobe is designed to fit and develop space of meditation cabins. It is designed as storage for stuff needed during meditational and massaging process as well as casual wardrobe. It is also used instead of wall to split area of cabin into separate spaces.