Festival in Wroclaw was located in the TYC ART Gallery. The festival took place in several places in Wroclaw. The main exhibition was in the main station building and other exhibitions took place in many participating galleries.

I was allowed to exhibit in a large window of the relatively small TYC ART Gallery in the center of Wroclaw. The installation intended to interact with passersby. I created a glass circle based on the geometry of the pyramid. Instead of the vanishing point of the perspective, I placed a glass periscope. The installation was supposed to work in two ways. The circle of light attracted the attention of passersby, directing their concentration to the luminous point, the periscope. Out of curiosity, they visited the gallery and used the installation in the opposite direction, outwards. In the periscope you can see a reflection of yourself and the inscription: “Point of view depends on you”.

I got the impetus for this installation by observing and realizing how distracted people are, by new technologies, etc. We lose the concentration and patience to observe things happening around us and in our lives.